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roger's place - roger the alien fansite home page.
welcome to rogers's place!

Welcome to Roger's Place, if you're a fan of Roger the Alien from the animated series American Dad! then you have come to the right place! Here you will find detailed information about Roger and the many disguises or personas that he has used, quotes from the show and more!

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Disguise 109 - Roger (Bartender 02 at Roger's Place).
Disguise 109 - Roger (Bartender 02 at Roger's Place).
Disguise 109 - Roger (Bartender 02 at Roger's Place).
Disguise 109 - Roger (Bartender 02 at Roger's Place).
disguise #109 - Roger (Bartender 02 at Roger's Place)
9 rating
9/10 (9 ratings)
First Appearance: Season 05E04 "Choosy Wives Choose Smith"
Description: Roger in a jesters costume whilst working behind the bar at Roger's Place.
Interesting Facts:
Other Appearances: Roger changes his bartender persona for his bar, Roger's Place, several times. Bartender personas for Roger's Place appear in episodes Season 05E04 "Choosy Wives Choose Smith". Season 05E13 "Jack's Back" and Season 05E14 "Bar Mitzvah Hustle";
Memorable Quotes: "I was under the table when she told you. Don't ask what I was doing under there. Ask." … "It's normal, you're curious. Like the monkey. Except he was curious about whether the man in the yellow hat would violate him with a banana. Which is something to be curious about."
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Disguise 334 - Machmud Thikbooti.
Disguise 334 - Machmud Thikbooti.
disguise #334 - Machmud Thikbooti
8 rating
8/10 (8 ratings)
First Appearance: Season 09E09 "The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari"
Description: A fraternity prankster and arch nemesis to the dean at a fake school in Nairobi.
Interesting Facts: This persona has only been mentioned by the Smith family and hasn't been seen yet.
Other Appearances:
Memorable Quotes: